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driven by an inner voice
we're on a path
to search for what awaits us at the end of this road
this way is blocked by barriers built by our own
making us doubt if those torment are worth suffering for
recognize there might be nothing but the end
the disillusioning fact we have to face
pain and hate, profit and greed
the conventions of a world we live in
on and on we try our best to move on
searching for things we might never find
some accept the given state
some try to stray from the given path
we're holding on to our beliefs
doubting but still walking the end of the road insight,
where we may find more than persistent darkness
and unfulfilled dreams
this is the last way we walk
this is the last talk we talk
this is the end of the tunnel
a road we can't go back
theres no way out only one way in
the hounds of hell
i hear them bark

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