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ooo-oooh ooh yeah yeahhh-eahh
yeahhh, yeahh, oh ohh
da da da da da oooh-ooh, oh, mmm
a premeditated walking sounds like
a-creepin' out of sight an angel way here
started to stick like a gentle hum
gentle hum, hum
I noticed you
I'm glad that you noticed it too
wouldn't felt foolish has not picked up my line, my line
now it's spinnin' round
and kisses is long as the song
you love me oh so slow, adagio
I know you feel what others did not
so let's be happy, could we?
let's be happy, let's be happy
I'm willng if you are
you could be my blackstar (blackstar) oh
'cause things look good so far, far-r-r-r
things look good so far, baby, e-e-ee
if you're sure, say you're sure
'cuz I could love you (love you)
wanna spoil you, but don't wanna play myself out
your eyes is called on me, baby can't you see
soon as you came to breathe down
ooh, now I'm unpremeditated
terms of love congregated
now my thoughts about to drift
meddling to the soil
I'm becoming irrational (irrational), ooh
'cuz you love me so slow, so slow, so slow (so slow)
you snap your fingers, my clothes fell off there
you open your mouth
mmm, YahZarah's closing the door
you say my name, ooh, the lights go off
blackstar, blackstar, blackstar, blackstar
blackstar, blackstar, mmm
'cuz things look good so far, oh, oh (blackstar)
mmm, boy, so far, so far, so far, so far-r-r
oo-oooh, oo-ooh, oooh
do do do do do do
you love me oh so slow
do do do do do doooo
as you came to breathe down (blackstar, blackstar)
mm-mmmm, do do do do do do do
clothes fell off
the way you do to me make my clothes fell off
somebody turn the lights off, click
yeah yeahh yeahh
blackstar, blackstar, blackstar
blackstar, blackstar, blackstar
blackstar, blackstar, blackstar...

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