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Years will come and years will go I just wanted you to know That people places names and faces Are dying in the skies before they're born And you can't turn more

I'm standing, standing, standing my ground. I pull off a bow that is tied. To a big box but I don't know what's inside. There's something rattling around, I decide. Well can more

The very last I knew of you- there was a flash, and then two of you. And then the two of you bore more upon more of you, 'till the swarm of you produced a sickening hum. more

At the top, of the garage We had the proof That our jackets were just like parachutes At the top, of the garage We had the proof That our jackets were just like parachutes more

of course they deny science and they lie any admission of evolution of course they bend your mind and make you wonder why if they insist time exists they imply more

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