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Sometimes it seems nothing goes and everything sucks Like a bad dream, hey what a fuck And then I think, there must be something Stopping me being bored Suddenly more

its a sticky situation that i've gotten myself into same old obligation has got me torn between this ole bottle and you and i'll probably choose the drinking more

Floater - Bottle chords lyrics

Start my day and hit my head with th edoor. Grab hold of the chair and pull myself from the floor. Still isn't clear what that was for I've recognized strong feelings in here. more

My heart is like a bottle with the world inside I couldn't fit more happy in it if I tried Look at all the love this thing can hold I keep the lid on tight so it won' more

Baby, there's the moon. I'll sing it down if you ask me to. And maybe I'm a fool, but nothing ever felt this good. It's like a bottle to the head. I'm seeing stars, I' more

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