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Don't think that I'll hold my breath and wait for you to change
I let you in but kept you at arms length
Neglect the facts, turn your back, and let it slip away
Now you watch it fade
Nothing gained
Just bricks for brains
You know I couldn't last knowing your agony was faked
You stole your words but used them anyway
I wish I could've seen the way it could've been
But if you're so destructive then pull the fucking pin
You know I couldn't last knowing your agony was faked
You swore you changed
Changed for the same
It won't last…
Because the time you spend deceiving is never worth the time you waste
Trade away your sincerity for a 6 month face
Taking without reason
Push the rest away
Screaming for attention
Killing tradition
The guilty feel no shame
You're on the edge
So now I'm edging you out
I've seen your two-faced grin
But who's laughing now?
Watching the fall, I've seen it a thousand times
Another sucker bringing their own demise
Soul of nothing
Lying disgrace
False intentions, no direction, over the line
Strong front with terrified eyes
Out of chances, you're choking on the lies
Times up, ran your own well dry
Falling over the edge, dead weight doesn't fly

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