Burnt To A Crisp Lyrics & Chords By Carcass

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Torched to a pimple
Peeling skin and tissue
Inflammable rectal gases
Scalding your sinews

Charbroiled to blackened char
Smoked, sauted and black
Blistering flaking tissue
Insalvageable by skin graft
Fused into a mess
Dribbling cartilage and fumes
Your body shrivelling
Your fingers beginning to prune

Burnt to a cinder
Your body charred
Incinerated carbon
Molten as tar
Smouldering ashes
Scorched entrails
Carbonated dust
Cremated remains

Burnt to a crisp
Your fat's on fire
Devouring you whole
Like a cadaver-stoked pyre

Charred to the bone
Your flesh is burnt
Tissues molten
Bodily gases inert
Human inferno
Blazing eruption
Evaporating marrow
Spontaneous combustion

Burnt to a crisp
Your hair is singed
Devouring your scalp
Receding your fringe

Dripping flesh and fat
Spreads like an irritating rash
Your fingers melting
As you vainly scratch

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