Butcher The Weak Lyrics & Chords By Devourment

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Slaughtering with extreme disgust
Unrecognizable all victims will be
Mutilation no enough, I'm splattering brains
You've seen nothing yet, I will butcher the weak

If you step in my path you'll get a ballpeen hammer upside your head
I'll smash in all your teeth and pound your skull until you're dead
If you're unlucky enough to be female you'll be forced to fuck my knife
I'll keep you alive and butcher your cunt 'til you beg me to end your life
I'll keep you alive and butcher your cunt 'til you beg me to end your life

Forceful smashing, rage filled slashing, vicious stabbing of your guts
Chunks are flying, bitches dying, cum is building in my nuts
Inhuman butchering, atrocious slaughtering, my skin is warmed by the rivers of blood
I'll continue to decimate your mangled flesh long after your last fucking breath

Butcher the weak

Fuckers that dare face me
With insane force I'll plant my axe into your fucking chest, your ribs explode
Blood fills your lungs, overflows and gags your throat
The I'll slash your neck, your blood spray warms my face
I take pure joy in your suffering
The cracking of veins, the wheeze of your last breath

I'll hack you limb from limb
Grab each body part and stick my cock in
The blood on my dick gets me high
You've been butchered, I spit on you

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