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[Jehst] I spit Liquor Soaked Sentiments lost in a scotch mist, tell 'em "don't watch this" liver turned toxic, still I burn 'what's it,' attracted to opposites, me and more

[Skinnyman] I don't wanna blow up, throughout every era I've been here So far the underground circuit has been fair The home of hip hop, can you say you've been there? Home' more

Talkin' 'bout the science of social deprivation From 'ere to wherever in the council estates the mans is strugglin'. The poor lower working class. Blud, you got to sleep more

I'm advocating alphabetic assaults on a mans amazement Absorbing any amount of attacks from any assailant Assassinating adversaries amputating their arms And astronomic more

[scratching] What do you think of that? Have you anything else to say [Mark B] Yes I remember when rapping was considered just a phase Trying to search for a deal was more

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