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Thinking back to the whacks that we used to take
Rolling joints to a point with a roach and shake
Sipping on Summer Ale in September sun
Jump in the back seat where we had some fun
Cruise out on the boat to the house of stilts
Kiss me underneath till the passion wilts
Never will I find another crazy lady putting up wooden houses in Haiti
Closing up your eyes cause you drink too much
Open up your thighs cause you like my touch
I want to grow old on Brazilian beaches
Getting tan in the sand with her two ripe peaches
Back and forth through custom lines
Searching for my Argentine
Now I need another home
To rest my complex corazon
Six-packs and a flask from a Scottish lake
Been a mess since the best chest game to date
Hit the map for a tap and a little loving
The bone I wrap for buns in ovens
Living by the ocean, going through the motions
Drinking with my head in a noose
Never known a better potion to let my liver soak in
No I bet I'm telling the truth
Holding all the good stories
Coke and all it's glories
Slipped up, Tripped up…. Tooth
Bust on the pavement, make another payment, running like Johns Wilks Booth, oof!
Back and forth through custom lines
Searching for my Argentine
Now I need another home
To rest my complex corazon
Rolling on through
Where do you belong
Holding on to you
Just carry on
Truer words never spoken, "Quick to be broken"
Change is a notion you should learn like lotion
On the hand that you're hoping to
Land the next open, girl that you're scoping
Pillows you be groping
Forever will I be insistent, that distance, is the crux of my existence
And whoever would be to wish this away this instant I'd give assistance
Never would I need to wish this away like wish lists and family business
Clever would I be to diss this and kiss the first fish thats close to British

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