Darren's Roof Lyrics & Chords By I Hate Myself

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i'm gonna shout until i'm hoarse,
drink until i can't see, laugh until i can't breathe,
up here we'll be taller than the city.
Shout at the night, raise a fist to life,
forget if your shoes are shined,
if only for just one night (with dolor).
and our hearts have all been beaten and bruised,
and we're all pretty confused,
and we always expect to lose;
i'll explain it all to you through alcohol and bad tattoos.
If i talk and i laugh too loud,
it's becuase i'm trying to forget that i'm sad,
because things can get pretty bad,
but i'd like to believe that somewhere i'll find
someone who's going nowhere and we'll go there together (disburse hardship)

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