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erase the tracks, hide the bodies and wipe the scene of prints. your dead ideas can't save you now. you never stood a fucking chance. more

One time, pushed your luck too far No game, without a number one Last call, never cared for less Free fall, forget the one you love Turn around and face the sun Walk more

If it's meant to be Baby oh just let it be, let it bee Don't go beating dead horses, Keep steady your course, you'll see Sing our lullaby, All things impossible more

Meaning lost along the way yet wheels grind on Headfirst towards an early grave – still going strong? Got caught having an escapade with the horns You depend on your wings more

Dragging this ball and chain, mirrors and razor blades. When all of this dust clears, can you recognize your face? Pulling all your dead weight, not willing to cut away. I'm losing more

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