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I lie screaming
Remembrance of the past
Emotions betray me below
Adversity - My martyrdom
Rancid breakdown bethothed

Memories of passion overwhelming me
Corrupted love is displaced
The insect onset, death does not liberate
Deadfall, her final embrace

Forced to watch her decompose
Putrefy, it fills my nose
Tears in anguish I grieve
Smell the scent upon her shoulder
Festering, begins to moulder
Maggots are conceived
My delusions now torment me
Agonising the misery
At this point of death we do not part
Visualise my partner's corpse
I have but love and no remorse
In the final death-throes of my heart
Look her in the eye
Repulsive way to thrive
Death's spawn I feed
Choking on the fumes
In this heat infested room
My heart it bleeds
Lying trapped, my mind is free
Hallucination, fantasies
Relieve the life from when we met
Now I'm in her death's restrain
Horrific visions through my brain
Her rigor mortis starts to set

With her corruption I'm paralysed
Optic fluids pour from the eyes
Foul stench of decay makes me retch
Sweetly smiling from her jaws
Death opens wide it's sharpened claws
This death's erotic, how I letch
I thank god I'm an atheist
Prolong my anguish - subtract bliss
And as she rots
This nightmare never stops
I long for peace
In the end
Death is my lonely friend
I crave release
I lie screaming
Smothering in love
Now at the Reaper's call
A life that's seen
Trapped in her deadfall

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