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In a third world country
Another child is born
Dying of malnutrion
Its parents weep and mourn
Stomach is bloated
Desperation in its eyes
Beside an empty bowl
Its emaciated body lies
It could have been avoided if someone had been concerned
What would you have done if the tables had been turned!
Poverty stricken people
Neglected and alone
The place we call hell
Is the place they call home
A stagnant culture
Income nearly ml
Their governments abandoned them
Crush all hope and will
Spending billions on weapons, their minds are set on profit
The poor are still downtrodden, it´s time we fucking stop it
Another child is born
Famished, underweight
Hunger pains cripple
Death lies in wait
The wait is soon over
For famines slave
The child is then buried
In a tiny, shallow grave
It never had a chance, from the womb to the grave
Another life deprived, another U.S. dollar saved

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