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She told me that she only do girls
But since she met a player like me
Man I feel like I'm on top of the world
Never heard him, I convert 'em, put my lovin' in 'em
She told me that she only do girls
But since she met a player like me
Baby I can take you from your girl
I was with my muse, Arizona
Sippin' on Arizona iced teas, homie
We havin' dinner at the MOMA
Oh this young pretty fly thing starin' at me
She kissin' girls cause she wanna
Deep down in her soul, man she fishin' for D
She send emojis to my phone
Now we in the black cab, turnt and gettin' trippy
I like all of her friends, they're some nice girls
She a runway tall model, pretty white girl
I never discriminate, just dated three black girls
That's my private life so you don't know that, girl
Indian, Russian, now I'm back in Milano
Where they feed me Italian cause I don't eat no McDonalds
All these girls be frontin', tryna be in disguise
On that hush, hush, hush, she tellin' you lies
Girl 1: Hello?
Girl 2: Oh my God, I feel so bad
Girl 1: Hello?
Girl 2: We were, we were dancing and we stayed to kiss
Girl 1: Where are you?
Girl 2: I'm at his house now. I. I.
Girl 1: Which house? Did you with him?
Girl 2: Oh my God, we were making love and, please don't tell [?], just
Girl 1: I'm with [?] now
Girl 2: Just, just come now cause I need to get out of her, I'm really
Girl 1: I'm gonna come and get you
All these girls be frontin', tryna be in disguise
She said she's testin' the waters and how she don't do guys
Until last night, I was provin' her wrong
Had my tongue in her thighs, and nearly makin' her cry
And she told me a sad story how her life is tough
She never go this far, but I was callin' her bluff
She was stuck and thinkin' about the girl that she loves
All the guilty pleasures, man, this shit addin' up
Her phone vibratin', two missed calls from her lover
Textin', "Where you at girl?"
I ain't gon' lie, we was deep between the covers
I was sayin', "Throw it back, girl"
Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, was my lover
It's a shame last night she was with the lovers
Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, was my lover
I don't think she's comin' back, girl

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