Dominion Theology Lyrics & Chords By Fall Of Efrafa

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Blessed be
Thy torment;
Bound to the
Cadaver of the righteous
Our dutiful dead;

Dispose of this land in renewed valour
Four we have slain the pitiful
Scoured this repugnant plain
With our cleansing touch

With vigour I blind my sight
Tranquil I resign my fate
Willing I cut my loins
For you have bled for us
You have died for us

Bind up thy wicked tongues
Sew shut her shameful lust
Burn up the sodomites
For they have wronged you
The have opposed you

Our vainglorious divinity
Fertile manure of the oppressed
Seething in cruor of the devout
Lives shed in adoration of you

Pardon the meek inheritance
Your words blanch skin bleach white
Cast out all other creeds
Gomorra filth;
Worthless skin

Darwin's soiled grievance
Truth outweighed by the dumb
No reason in his domain

The deafening throng
The rapturous ascent
Of lives left in forfeit
Our last lament

This selfish appraisal
Lives lifted above
Bereft of all love

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