Doppel Gospel Lyrics & Chords By The Doppelgangaz

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Yo, playin' crash entrepreneurship
Horse shit, the Doppel kick a horde of stored lore scripts
Wasn't supposed to see above the door slit
Was open just enough to get a cusp of what was scored quick!
Get a glimpse, plus a hint, got the worry of
Pissin' in the bed plus the spread of nocturia
A flurry of rhymes that come throughout the gastric pair
Don't worry about mines, and most of all don't ask me where
We bear the Doppel Gospel, vanish in air
Where Pentecostal, Doppel hobble and prepare colossal
Evil prayers plus the lair's are hostile
Ridden with airs to impaired apostles
Spare fossils of your predecessor
Droppin gems up out the dreaded lecture
Infest ya, and? within your head address ya
As fellow sharks now affiliated
No remarks that you really made it, or been initiated
Lone Sharks
spread the Doppel Gospel
Throughout the parks like a Pentecostal
Black cloak with a scent of brothel
All sharks now affiliated no remarks that you really made it, Hark!
Listen hoes with the chunky chode, permanent junky mode
Eating fried crunchy toad legs, walking long dark country roads
On the reg the nigga mumble the ode
That's to the shark and sharkettes
, make them exit the humble of old
Out to the show, make sure his cloak is clean
Dried, tumbled, and folded cause the shit has been pummeled and soaked
In blood, sweat, tears his own semen from the known demon
Some diarrhea and some Beck's beer
The vets gather in the fog where it's hard to tell sobriety
Kickin the verse of the darker of variety
With some loud singer that attract cops
Yo you can hear the ritual up in the backdrop
So take a small plot and a cursed hut
? property? eager to bust off his first nut
For now his stress passing, shit gets tied up with flesh flashing
Doppelgang under duress dashing

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