Enslavement Redefined Lyrics & Chords By His Hero Is Gone

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Put me down for my convections just because I fucking care- Afraid to show your true feelings- Your negativity lingers in the air- Jump on the bandwagon- And hide the truth- more

I won't support this sick game you play- This tool you use to gain power- You call it war- I call it terror- When will you learn we are drowning in the blood of our own more

hands that kill mold illusions of peace their fucked up psuedo security destroy to give birth to technology to quickn the killin of yo and me and him and her blind. us humans more

And he once said, "Everyone is dead" And he once said, "Death abandons guile and strides" And he once said, "...bloody sun bullying the sky" more

Hung on damnation's rope, deception raping your mind diseased by ancient lies, man's manufactured demise death is your only faith, war is the one religion flock to your more

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