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West Side, Bankhead, is where I'm from
Everything y'all did has been done
My Trew game and my shoe game
You can't touch that shit
A bitch that holler 'bout "fuck me?"
Nah, fuck that bitch
Fuck that bitch, fuck that bitch
A bitch that holler 'bout "fuck me?"
Nah, fuck that bitch
Fuck that bitch, fuck that bitch
A bitch that holler 'bout "fuck me?"
Nah, fuck that bitch
Three - what you wanna do here?
Bitch, I'mma float like root beer
Still workin' on gettin' the Coupe cleared
You ain't got none of my shoe gear
Red on the bottom, right, that's red
Shorty, she a mother? She hairy
Bitch you ugly and bitch you ugly
And both y'all hoes look scary
I don't wanna get married
Chick, you a bird - Perry
All eatin' so good, these hoes like
"Boys, you're gettin' fat, eat salad"
I'm ridin' round and I'm gettin' it in with no blanket
Got your main bitch on my dick shit, she, ain't messin'
Her hips fat, I seen her walk past, I'm like "shit"
She seeing my automobile, she tried to push that, I said "bitch"
I bang hoes, ridin' in a drop top Range Rove
I train hoes, I'm a pimp, Trinidad James clothes
Three - FDB man - fly like L-train
Me and E-Louie's got Checkerboards on
You ain't got that pair, man
With my FDB clique - 33 deep shit
You tell that bitch, man, fuck that hoe
I ain't startin' that shit, trick
Six for a birdbath - bitch, where's your skirt at?
Ah, I like it, blowin' that kush on you like purp packs
Y'all niggas so wack... and bitch you so green
I pull up on the scene in the green Celine
Yeah nigga, I'm too clean
Westside, what's upper? Y'all niggas my supper
Fuck that bitch 'fore I do that shit
I might need me a rubber
Belly on rotund - one whip, four guns
If you see the baby mamma, holler:
"Fuck that bitch, that hoe aint no one"

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