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You say that you hear voices, I premsume that is correct?
And you say that all the bad boys end their wicked days in hell?
Well if it wasn't for the collar that you wear around your neck
You'd be seeing life quite differently, inside a padded cell!
The fear of God
Am I to understand you, when you say I'll be forgiven?
I give you all my money, well that's blackmail don't you see?
And the ones who give the most are guarenteed a place in heaven
Where they can watch the burning souls below and rub their hands with glee!
The fear of God
Your priorities Are wrong
Your faith Is blind
Crush the weak Uphold the strong
Burn the brains Of mankind
The money spent on churches could appease the starving poor
To justify injustice you must misinterpret Christ!
You lock your wealth away at night behind a bolted door.
The fear of god? You hypocrite! Open up your eyes!

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