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Oh you sleep, you wake, you move
You shake off the tears
And touch everything you see
Looking for clues
Reach for her voice
The birds, the grass, the summer grows
In between, underneath, follow you, follow me
Oh you sleep, you wake, you move
The first time you crawl in the water you know
Life is an ocean, how far does it go?
Sandcastles crumble, your kingdom is lost
Head for the shelter, head for the rocks
So you stand, you walk to school
The more you look, you learn, you lose
Willing the hours, longing for home
The summer days they last forever
You catch her eyes, you follow the trail
Hand in hand, together alone
The first time you touch her
You're out of your mind
You would do anything just for release
Love is an ocean, how deep will it go?
Falling, falling, falling
A billion candles alight in your heart
Turn up the moonlight, dance with her soul
This is the song, you'll never let go
Never let go
Losing control
Oh, you wake, you sleep, you drive
City to city to country, they all collide
You take for granted
The things that you value the most
You take her for granted
The song slips away like a ghost
She closes the door and tears out your heart
Just the fool who lost it all
She is a memory, a far away world
Pass me the ladder, I'll climb to the moon
You can see better up there don't you know?
Hoping, praying, hurting
But love is a diamond, an ocean of light
Just as you lose her, she falls back in sight
This time it's for real, this time it's for life
Turn up the song
Holding together we gaze at the stars
There is the silence we wonder how far
This story goes, how will it end?
Fill up the glass, fill it my friend

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