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The girl police are coming over
Comb your hair, pretend you're sober
Andy, lock the stash in the bottom drawer
The woman fuzz are coming for us
They're hardended by drawn out divorces
Averse to ours
Deplore the
Ooooh hoo, they surround our places
Ooooh hoo, arrested by our handsome faces
The cold, long arm of the law
has got ruby, glitter, painted claws
The lady cops are coming for me
Let's Jovi out in a blaze of glory
Tell my 'ma "I'm sorry"
That's my story
It was our antic, romantic disasters
that got girl cops lord in after us
To drag our names trhough the mud
To get their hands in our blood
They wanna hole us up in their lockdown
A year for every precious heart we've knocked down
Less a day for every night we rocked out
Oh, thank God we always rocked out
'Cause Stephy likes Jimmy but Jimmy likes Eric and Eric like Jess
Oh, it's an awful mess, an awful mess
Denie caught Monique kissing on Francois outside the depaneur
So, they are done for sure!
I. Want. My. Tone
They wanna hole us up in their lockdown
A year for every precious heart we knocked down
Less a day for every night we rocked out (we alwa
ys rocked out)
'Cause Jenny likes Marvin, but Marvin likes Arnold, and Arnold likes Jess
Oh, I guess everyone like Jess
But Jessie ain't dating
She's down in the basement listening to pet sounds
Her mom's 45, got the best sounds
Loving is easy, loving is easy
Losing it's rough
Ain't it high grade powerful stuff
Lovin' will leave you, lovin' will leave me
And in our defense, it's awful hard to keep in the present tense
I. Want. I'm torn

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