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I don't believe Jammer's sleeping, ohhhhh
Boy Better Know music, my pinky looks like the white side of the rubix
Oi BBR, tell them what it's like when we go to the bar (stupid!)
You ain't got to look up in the sky for a star
Just look in my face, you know who we are
Back back, rewind the track back
Don't give me back chat, DJ jack that shit
Anytime you see me put my phone to my ear, that means Barclays, Halifax, trust me
Right now your looking at the best MCs in the country
Them man fell off the wall like Humpty
But I'm on a grime ting like Logan
I got a new ting, I call it Hulk Hogan
Them man are gassed on telly, we've got the stacks already
Them man are eating late, us man are fat already
You'll get a punch so quick in your face, you wouldn't know who it is like a private number
I've been a skeng from ages ago
Yes I know that you heard that before, but the gyaldem said I was too hardcore, and were like Fris, gimme more gimme more
You man are stuck in the yard, us man are living it large getting money on tour
And overly sure, when we mc the crowd don't cheer they overly roar
Come along yeah I overly bore, up, down, up, down, she goes, I see she's overly sore.
And a round house kick will take off the door
So please don't tell me nothing
I'm a big kid like Benjamin Butto
Roundhouse, hurricane, bicycle kick
Kung fu kick if the door is shuttin.
Kung fu kick like Karate Kid!
Manna get mad like Sycho Sid
Yeah, top turnbuckle business
So don't run it up when I know where you live
Who is it? Who is it? You know who it is
We are lyrically taking the piss
And I'll go into skengman mode that's Fris
We ain't the team you wanna diss

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