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And if I raise my hand
It’s cause I don’t understand
Why all the grown-ups that I know
Believe in boy kings and this giant man
I’d gladly bow my head
Just show me the bones
I’m sorry Mrs. Steves
I just can’t stand it down here on my knees
I like magic
The parting of the sea
But your god ain’t wrought nothing but blasphemy
Swear I’d gladly bow my head
Just show me dem bones
I like stained glass
I like grape juice
But I like questions
And I like proof
Oh, where are the bones?
Someone show me his bones
I’ve seen pharaohs
I’ve seen dodos
I’ve seen dinosaur bones
Full of marrow
Bones to fill the grave
Oh, someone show me his bones
So I can show someone my faith
Slings and stones
May break my bones
But these fables
These tales
This book won’t save my soul
Hell she hath no fury like an East Orange man’s firstborn
Goddamn me
Reprimand me
My detention set me free!

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