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Ride on Blue Boy dipped in a Uni / dickin on a squad car, vickin on a fully / sick as a Sunni, strapped with a bobby / pullin on the pin, he Tutankhamun / Boots to the ceiling, boostin the serum / so sincere, brutes new to the feeling / Ridin on the old scene, buck if you hear me / bucks for the fabric of your fiber / bricked, dips, blicks, big, brighter / Bees in a trap? No, bees in a hive / Gee is for Geezus, Gs and a nine / Oh is for O.G.s, grease in the eyes / crease in the khakis, piece to the side / Forgotten youth when older mutants played Magneto / we believed the strip and never plagiarized their credo / Fashion cutter for the fascist, dirty- lipped and truly goony / Looney Tune Schooly Ds come off cartoony / No King Cloak and Dagger, Lavabanger Legacy / No anonymity, no forced validity / False Hopes, we got close, man, we got ghost / tough shows and rough roads until every sign said, GO!
Take the skins / hang em on the walls / not trophies, just reminders / what is left here when we fall
Ay, I’m pushing up on your tempo / she too stoned Nintendo / I’m Vint Cerf, she Pink Floyd / I’m jumpin out the window / Sike, I’m fly, I float aight right by / cut my own moat / get by with my chose fam / dismantle thrones / All the fuck in your station / all up in your dark / awkward in ya Marc Maron conversations / call em out the park / hangin out then Van Halen cabs in your city / all up on your block opposite the cops / y’all should all fuck with me / style like a Cadillac / crash with a battle axe handy / Gucci store fire on the couture / then planes, trains, and automobiles, I’m John Candy / Y’all just can’t stand me / I make em feel ridiculous / pickin apart they postures put together meticulously awful / in the air, hostile / the fingernails, watch em / sit and stare, box em if I gotta / Panic is the fashion / I arrow to the action / Pied Piper through all types a shit / types like me y’all ain’t fuckin with
Go get it / or go without / You going nowhere / run that shit into the ground / Go get it / or go without / We go for broke / and run that shit into the ground
Struck by lightning / with a hand in the sand / came to with a fist fused in glass / Closed the circuit skull full of white light, mouthful of ash / Sparks on the pavement / dragging the chain / anchor’s off, man, lost it again / steady on gotta push through the rain / weather in the veins, came for this / train for this, fuck / made for this, pray they miss, duck / duck gray duck gets up and running / rest fall back like a bridge in London / brand new brakes I never touch em
You’re all spin move, you’re doing too much / rental car, trick cigar / I’m just laughing while that whole thing blows up / looking like I’m Joakim Noah / black mask, take your gas money / my name is Sims but call me David Lynch, I make em act funny / I ain’t afraid to change lines, state, date, or face / I’m option two when you skate or die but still survive on basslines / at least for the next eight months / then I change up like it ain’t much / you do the Roger Rabbit in Shape Ups / still blabbing bout some frame up vision / MN living gray duck risen / nay fucks given, way subliminal / class-war criminal trying to make my stance more pivotal / see what is left is suspect / the Pepsi Gen went crystal meth / and punk rock dads scream rap is dead / I laughed until I lost my chill / I’m really real, half Built to Spill half Kill at Will / half shark alligator and my Philly filled / Mill City kid in the field / gritty is in the blood, proof is in the track / fifty in the tank, on you like a Mac Truck / roll with a ton on my back / better back up fast

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