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i'll be seeing white,
if i can sleep tonight
it's the thirty first time,
your twenty second life,
defies me,
just let me end my stay,
if i can stay awake,
i didn't last a day,
if only i could count the seconds,
your fake enough,
you want it all but must give up,
you, i can't help but watch the words fail,
and you i can't help, can't help.
no one should ever fall again,
no one should ever fall for friends,
my brother taught me how to spit,
my mother didn't want two kids,
who's the youngest? the pain we can't forgive,
you're waking up, your faiths enough,
to fall again,
you can't hold back,
you can't hold yourself to something less,
i can't hold back,
i can't hold myself back,
every time you're walking me backwards,
count all the words that i gave her,
and any time you want me to come home,
i'll be fine with keeping my phone calls.

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