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I've watched an ocean Drying under my feet And I've scaled the cliff face Free from gravity Since we met we've been basking in the summer sun I think about it more

Neko Case - Hex chords lyrics

When you hear me calling your name in the night Do you run to your window thinking a coyote might Be howling When you hear me knocking at your door again Do you tell more

Like a hex, you see the bullet Through the chest, no turning back Like a hex, you feel the bullet Don't expect, your life ends fast Hex Hex Hex Hex Like a hex, like more

Hate - Hex chords lyrics

HEX Angels with their eyes dripping blood, Writhing in pain bleeding for extasy, Myriad of times bringing misery, Sons of war, hexed, unleash thy fury! Be my lords! more

With this knot I seal this hex You will not sleep, you will not rest Knots of anger, knots of hate Discord brings you to your fate This second knot it makes two more

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