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the record goes from blue to gold so thank you for all your help I know you want to twist and shout but try to contain yourself you always struck me as the type to take more

Rider Taker Faker You aren't alone Basker Shapeshifter Masker Duplicate drones Copy Paste Repeat One of them now Steal it Match Their beat Accepted more

Destroy, killer of man, war, plague, alpha omega hell, deliver the pain, dispose a world of fools cold, emotional void, soulless is your god live, according to this, chaos more

Barefoot and pregnant- cooking his dinner obey his demands- he's the breadwinner he comes home from work and slaps her around forces her to fuck- then leaves her on the ground, more

Alpinist - Aidt chords lyrics

Mund auf. Nackenstarre. Wegschauen geht nicht, der kollektive Schock von Flaggen und Geschrei. Vier Wochen Flaggen und Geschrei, so schlimm wird's schon nicht werden, aber was more

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by: alpinist

eat the witch

by: black breath

carry on

by: his hero is gone


by: cursed

sick game

by: witch hunt


by: skitsystem


by: witch hunt

death is eager to hold you

by: young and in the way


by: from ashes rise

only in dreams

by: anti cimex

from out of nowhere

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by: skitsystem

fox womb

by: full of hell

legalize murder now

by: driller killer


by: antischism

among the ashes

by: birds in row

no hope

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by: siege

raping the earth

by: extreme noise terror


by: his hero is gone

and we have killed him

by: young and in the way


by: baptists


by: extreme noise terror


by: disfear

on the fray

by: from ashes rise

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