I'll Be Your Huckleberry Lyrics & Chords By Wow, Owls!

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They've gotten in.
I can feel their breath on the back of my neck
I can feel their fingers faintly carressing me
This makeshift monster is mine
I provided the wood for myself
It'll rot and decay
I know that it's not raining because
I'm a banquet for the earthworms buried in my skin
For the maggots dwelling deep within
Throw me into the front yard
Shut my eyes, the sores of the soul
Cover up with makeup the reality that we're not perfect
And if misery loves company, then I don't want to be miserable
So I can rest alone. Let me sleep
This is the last time you'll ever see me so wave goodbye
This is the answer to a question that you never asked
But I have realized that I'm a monster inside
Force your lips to express the kiss

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