I, Saturnine Lyrics & Chords By Shai Hulud

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Weighted down by earth and man,
A dispirited husk mired in blood imbued in soil despairs
The minds of my brothers are unsound, their hearts flow desolation.
Is ours, indeed.
A sunless path to waiting graves we prepared for ourselves?

Dear God,
Raise not my eyes, misery has blackened the sun.

Weighted down by earth and man,
A directionless husk in dire need of asylum withdraws
For the only light in bedlam is the dark of isolation.

Draw cold universe into your lungs.

Empower the earth to devour your spirit.

Reap your flesh its worth in bloodletting.

Upon lamentation under a rotting star,
I reconsider my manner to exist amongst this chaos.

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