Interview With The Clash On The Circle Line (part One) by The Clash

Interview With The Clash On The Circle Line (part One)

Artist: The Clash


Interview With The Clash On The Circle Line (part One) Lyrics & Chords By The Clash

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Louise I'm forever losing you I even wave at you in my dreams Losing you is a bad, bad dream O mercy Louise O mercy Louise My life is flashing before us Can we survive more

The wind blows, the baby cries People die, their deaths are untold Land is desolate, nothing here grows People living, for the sight of a food bowl Trapped in an existence, more

(answering machine) Hello? Hi its me. Would you pick up the phone? Oh cmon i know youre there would you just pick up the phone Pick up the phone I know youre there, i more

No hands on the wheel Nothing can touch you When you can't even feel No one you can trust Cos no one's for real No one's for real Father forget us Or more

Vladimir Andropyournosin, veteran of the Soviet campaign for the liberation of the peoples of Afghanistan, after a period of convalescence in the German Democratic Republic, sat up more

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