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Every eye will go to you. You do not have a doubt. 'Cause baby, these appearances Are what it's all about. And if I told you how that looks You'd say I've got a nerve… more

Never been to Mexico It's only half a mile or so the mission on the bluff, below Don't get out much Crow tastes like chicken meat And I've heard cats land on their feet more

I don't care that you won't quit this notion Of burying the carnival But what the Hell is in your potion That's made you so dull? So I cannot make a blind more

Rats in my jacket I'm so impressed I am now seen unclean Wash me up mama and give me a suit of gabardine I had a suit, by the look on my face, maybe it's plain to see more

In a little while I'll forget your name And with the time we had I will do the same 'Cause I can't belong To any future The past's a Never ending overture more

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