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Niinkuin roskat lennämme tän ajan tuulessa Missä itsekkyyttä ei saa anteeks pyydellä Ei jaksa uskoo unelmiin mut jaksaa juhlia Kun hetkeekään paikallaan ei saisi tuhlata more

its not the way you walk its not the way you hold your fork its not those stupid things u say and do when i cum in your face the way u hold a ciggarette the way u smilin more

I got no time! I got no time! How can it end when it never began? Why can't I win when I know I can? Seems that we've forgotten about the mess we're in Which way do we go, more

I looked in her eyes but I can see My place in her's a mystery Struggle, as I try to say The words I know she won't believe Growing tired, of this game I must know, what more

So you're sat there in first class Well i'm not gonna kiss your ass Cause i don't care Outside you may be smartly dressed, Inside your just like all the rest so I don't care more

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