Late Bloomers, Early Caskets Lyrics & Chords By My Iron Lung

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Just like the seasons changing,
Just like the leaves keep falling.
I want to take it all back,
Every word I said.
Change the way I saw things,
Change the way I felt about love.
Realize my words still linger,
Realize that I'm still here and you're not.
My eyes are closed,
My stomach is sick
But it gets so much worse than this.
I've realized I'm weak and lost the things
Important to me.
There's no way to eat,
There's no way to sleep
When things like this keep happening,
But I'm just one to hold it all in.
Just like my mind keeps racing,
Just like I'm lost in my own head,
Some desperate measures
Call for taking chances
So I'll keep my head clear
And remember
Everything that falls apart
It brings new meaning.
Learning there's no certainty,
That there are no certain objects
Or certain things
That stay the same.
Early graves.
Early caskets.
Wrap my body around soiled trees.
I am one with a broken earth that surrounds me.

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