Leaving Trains Lyrics & Chords By James William Hindle

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Why don't you come and sit with me
Pull up a chair, I'm listening
To everythıng you've got to say
And everythıng we're missing
Right now the room is empty
And your presence linger here
And all while I'm missing you being near
You being near
And right now the room is empty
You left here an hour ago
But without this conversation
How would we ever know?
And all i want is to have you near
To feel you breathing gently
This call is all we have this year
Find me where you want me
Where you want me
Sleep comes when i need it.
And that isn't much these days
'cause I'm finding myself dreaming
Of you walking away
Right now the room is empty
But your presence lingers here
And all the while I'm mıssıng you being near
You being near

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