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Once there was love long ago
Sweet innocence long ago
Please tell me where did it go
Out of our hearts out of our world
Then Someone came in the night
Came to lead men to the light
Turn us around make us right
Bring love to our hearts love to the world

Let there be peace (around the world)
Let there be joy (around the world)
Let there be hope (around the world)
Let there be love (around the world)

Let there be love

My friend what the world needs now
Truly is love, God's love
We need to change somehow
Changing our hearts changing our world

I know our God He can do
His love is strong and His word is true
We need to take the Good News
Into our hearts into our world

Repeat Chorus

Chorus 2:
Let freedom ring (all around the world)
Let children sing (all around the world)
Crown Jesus King (all around the world)
Let there be love (all around the world)

Love in our hearts will bring
Change to our world you will see (wait and see)
Setting the captives free
Causing the blind eyes to see (you will see)

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus 2

Let there be peace, yeah (around the world) (let it be, let it be)
Let there be joy, joy (around the world) (let it be, let it be)
Gotta show the world joy and hope, in Christ, 'Cause He is love (around the world) (let it be, let it be)
Doesn't matter what you've got 'less you have love (around the world) (let it be, let it be)
Gotta have love just to set you free, yeah, yeah (around the world)
(Let children sing) Let children sing (around the world)
(Crown Jesus King) Crown Jesus King (around the world)
He's the Lord of lords, He's the King of kings

Let there be love, oh yeah
Let there be love (let there be love)

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