Looks Like A Failure Lyrics & Chords By Ken Mode

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There are times when that stimulus just isn't there.
This is one of them.
This information just isn't getting through this troubled smokescreen.
Trivialize what I have accomplished to rationalize your shortcomings.
Disregard dedication and desire and explain it with shallow rhetoric.
You call self-actualization your explanation.
Take a look at yourself.
Using dogma to suppress the overwhelming realization of the inevitable consequences of your actions.
Try to take me down a notch.
Make me petty. Create the "illusion" that you have me beaten;
that I am weak. What face will you put on in a few months?
When this one is tired and bled?
Too many experiments
I wish I never took part in.
Continually creating monsters that must be quarantined.
I'll turn my back this time. Looks like a failure from the start.
I'm just too tired to deal with it anymore.
Totally consumed by this overwhelming exhaustion.
Looks like a failure.

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