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Good evening baby (oohhohh)
And welcome to the Charlie Show
Tonight I'm gonna be showing you things
That you've never seen before (oohh ohh ohh yeah)
So just sit back and relax
Because tonight I'm going to be doing some
Things no man has ever done (no man no man
No man no man)
Aight listen

Abra cadabra form of a bedroom (oohhohh)
Now add a little candle light
And scent of your sweet perfume girl
Hocus pocus now your in that cute little that I like (I like)
Now don't lose focus on what I'm bout to show you tonight

I can do magic (woohoo)
One snap of your fingers girl
I'll perform a trick on you (ooh)
Anything you want me to do
Cause I can do magic (yeah)
All you gotta do is dim the lights
And I'll show you a trick or two (ooh babe)
Because I can do magic, I can do magic.

Now I aint no psychic but I can see what you mean girl,
And you dont have to write it coz looking at your boby I can read girl,
Your giving me the eye
and its making me want you baaad giirl,
Turn around and can you guess whats in my hands.

I can do magic (ooohhooohhh)
One snap of your finger girl,
I'll perform a trick on you (i'll perform a trick on yoou),
Girl cause i can do magic,
All you gotta do is dim the lights,

I'll show you a trick or two (oohhoohh),
I can do magic, i can do magic girl!!

I'll make our friends disappear,
And out of knowhere a hotel room will appear,
Then suddenly,
Next thing you know its you and me,
I'll touch you babe,
Girl i no i lose but please believe (and witness)
To what im about to do (turn the lights off)
And make all your wishes come true (wave my hand),
Way by my eyes there goes your clothes,
There something i want you to Knoooowooohho (yeah),

I can do magic,
One snap from your finger girl,
i'll perform a trick on you (i'll perform a trick on you),
Any thing you want me to dooo cause i can do magic
(right infront of your very eyes)
all you got to do is say the word and i'll show you a trick or two
(and i'll show you a trick or two)
Cause i can do magic, i can do maaagic.

Call me Hudini or David Copperfield,
I'll perform a trick on you,
Girl i am your ginie,
Baby this love for you is real,
Cause i can do magic (and girl what we have is magic ooh)
And i vow to never let it go,
I show you a trick or two (abra cadabra and hocus pocus)
I can do....
Now we are married..... ever more,
I can do magic (haahaa)

Kelly you bad, no Charlie you Bad!!

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