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im Vesely
Right now,
We are making progress.
We are making dreams come true,
Just like we discussed
In our most recent letters,
Communiques, and measures
Of memories and treasures,
Kept in bricks and mortar.
And I won't last forever.
I won't even try to.
I'm just making progress.
I don't know what else to do.
It's just that this could be work for you and me.
Right now,
We are making progress.
Just listen to the bugs
Exploding on the windshield,
Or is it just the crackling
Aurora borealis?
Or is it just the tip-toe
Of small things through the tall grass?
Or is it just that this could be work for you and me?
Right now,
We are making progress.
We are hanging upside down
Inside a vacuum.
We are taking round trips,
And we don't even know it.
Our hammers fall in silence,
Knocking down forest,
Exploding all around us.
And I'm committing treason,
Cause I'm in love with reason.
And humans are the nicest
When they fall silent,
Reflecting what lies deepest.
Aw, you can hear the sea shore.
You can see forever
If you keep it all together
And don't let up the pressure.
What good's a revolution?
A rising and a setting sun,
A trip around the bright one
Lets you off where you started from.
Following a straight line,
Going through a tight wind.
I'm in love with sunshine.
I'm in love with human kind.
Right now...

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