March Of The Rising Sun Lyrics & Chords By Ostara

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Flammende Herzen, wehende Fahnen Flammet und wehet himmelan. Glaube und Hoffnung, Liebe und Treue Begleiten uns voran. Rückt dichter in der heil'gen Rund Und klingt more

Dragons in the sunset Upon the darkened sea Sailing through the mists of time Calling unto me Ghost ship black and gleaming Lindens shining bright Ancient kinsmen call my name more

We go to sleep with The Perfume Of Traitors A Nosegay - A Saturn Day We'll pillage upon return Digging up grief And, spreading the debt Capri on The more

Oh she looked out of the window As white as any milk But he looked in the window As black as any silk "Hello hello hello hello Hello you coal black smith Oh what is your more

I saw a pyre of black sunflowers Trapped in a swarm of moths And swallows crying heimve / heimat Hovering on the storm Soaring above the golden corn So gracefully And more

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