Meet Me On Montrose (for Ex-lovers Only) Lyrics & Chords By Cities Aviv

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And we could stay in love girl
And this 27gunna last all summer
(Danny D on the beat)
Yo, it's like that when I met her
The world was so cold
Frostbitten in the winter
Levi Jeans and our crew neck sweaters
Spending fast money like we didn't know better
Shit, 'cause we never did
20 years old, no longer a kid
When this girl in my sights
Slipped right through my hands
Says I'm not old enough
Said I wasn't ready
Till I slow down, till I take it steady
But I can't. 'Cause when you been raised in the fast lane
Anything under 90 miles seems just strange
Went and told her that I'm not 27
But if we get in, I can make up for the years
So we danced to the crib
And we had a couple beers
Sipped on some wine till she whispered in my ear
Crept to the back to escape our peers
And we lose all our clothes, along with our fears.
Summertime passion, the summertime love
Summertime high, oh the summertime drug
You were more than just a little thing
Cause all these other girls
I just threw them off like a sweater
When the summer came
Took a trip through the desert
In the four-seater
Getting drunk in the front seat at our old leeza
Pedal back to the Bluff city clouds
Looking in your face, hoping I can catch a smile
Passing through the clouds, and you n****s see me now
But nowadays, I just feel a part of my heart missing
Starving artist, trying to make ends
Surrounded by fake friends
Chasing these?
Cause home is where the heart is
Well I have no home
So I go where the homeless live
Kick rocks like a homeless kid
With this song on my mind
And reminisce on the summertime (like)

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