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Calvin: Whooo,
Angie: Calvin, yo' baby, I believe it's your time
Calvin: Dododo ooohh...
Both: Cause I believe in you

Calvin: Looking back, reminiscing on
Caught a brother doing bad things, you put me on
Told me not to be ashamed of what I got
Never mind them hating niggas up and down the block, baby
Angie: Held it down, and bills got paid
Calvin: Said go a head baby, do your singing thing
(Angie: Go a head)
Angie: And when God blesses us,
I wanna Lexus with a hide away mansion in the Hamptons
Calvin: Girl you must have lost your way from heaven
Angie: Could it be for me you came so far
Calvin: Nothing like the ordinary woman
Angie: You're the very beat inside my heart
Calvin: Girl you're like a star I feel so common
Angie: Shining like a diamond out in space
Calvin: Girl, you're like my mother, my sister, my lover
Irreplaceable, nothing can take your place
Girl you're...

Angie:'re the blood in my veins
You're the air I breathe
On a hot summer's day, you're like a shirt with no sleeves
Calvin: What makes me a man, any fool could see
You're more than a woman to me
Angie: I wanna be more
Both: If you take that back
Angie: .. there would be no cure
I'll sail there for ever like a ship with no shore
Calvin: What makes me a man, any fool could see
You're more than a woman to me

Both: Look at us
Angie: Live in luxury and I been thinking maybe
We should start a family
A girl for you, and a boy for me
Calvin: Matching stone set baggets, would you marry me
Angie: Ohh yeah, and if you're happy I'd gladly give my life
Calvin: Today I take this vow to make you my wife
Angie: Nothing temporary
Calvin: No, it's quite contrary
Both: It's you and me for eternity
Angie: Boy you must have lost your way from heaven
Calvin: Could it be for me you came so far
Angie: Nothing like the ordinary brother
Calvin: You're the very beat inside my heart
Angie: Boy you're like a star...
Calvin: ...I feel so common, shining like a diamond out in space
Angie: Something like my father, my brother, my lover
Both: Irreplaceable
Calvin: Nothing can take your place
Angie: Boy you're my..
Calvin: Girl you're my..

Chorus x2

Angie: I'm certain about it
Calvin: Baby, you're the essence of my life
Wanna make you my wife, yeah baby
Angie: Baby I love
Calvin: My, my, my baby
My, my, my baby
Angie: You're my baby
I knew there was something 'bout you
Calvin: Girl I love you

Chorus x1

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