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If I die before I wake, if I make it to another day
This is my life, it's my destiny - so I will do it my way!
If I fail or I succeed, if I make it through another day
It's my life, it's my destiny - so I will do it my way!

I've learned the hard way
In this life, nothing came easy to me
And never will I ever be fake, never will I follow
That's just my personality

Can't look ahead without looking back
All the hard times gave me strength
I chose to follow my own path - my life my way!
I found a place where I can be
You can say it's destiny!
Either way I know it's where I'm supposed to be
This one's for the rebels!

We came up the hard way
That was our life, that was our reality
Never did we give up faith, some lead and others follow
With us there's only one way to be
We weathere every single attack
And fought to keep my on the map
Say what you want but the proof is there to see
- my life my way!
We helped unite never turned our backs
We stayed the course never fell off track
Or sold out for some bullshit industry

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