Myxomatosis Lyrics & Chords By Flux Of Pink Indians

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To live in peace we must reject
All oppression on all levels
There can be no compromise
One man's justice is another man's crime
Who has the right to decide
Where to draw the line
Myxomatosis stinks
Oppression stinks
I don't want to see man's murder anymore
(keep your hands away from your eyes
No I don't wanna, I wanna be blind
I don't want to see man's murder anymore)
We're not very different, we're very much the same
Animals have feelings, animals have a brain
People have feelings, people have a brain
Animals feel pain, people feel pain
Myxomatosis stinks, oppression stinks
I don't want to see man's murder anymore
(swelling of eyes, ears, mouth and external sexual organs
Listlessness leading to complete inactivity and eventual death)
Experimentation, vivisection, devastation, starvation, torture, war
All mindless slaughter are all basically the same
Man made oppression, man made pain
(death follows in almost all cases
Within, at the most, three weeks of hell)

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