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Nothing fills the void
that I've felt for so long.
The emptiness that will destroy
everything that I love.
I only have myself to blame,
I wish you'd just forget my name.
To love is to suffer,
I'll leave scars that resemble my own.
I'll inflict the same wounds
that cut me down to the bone.
Hardened my heart, shut myself away, but at what cost?
Nothing fills your emptiness,
I can't explain, don't know where to begin.
Crush the petals in my hands,
watch the red stain my skin.
Forever letting you down...
because I couldn't let you in.
In my selfishness, I bound you to me.
The cycle continues, and we were fools
to think that it would set us free.
Now I feel nothing, and I'm afraid it's a part of me.
We hurt one another, the cycle never ends.

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