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He grew up with nothing
He lived and died poor a father of four
He left his family temporarily
For a future based on words of chicanery
They said join the Army Join the Navy
He joined the Marines and his children were proud
But exhaltation was exhausted and patronage died
When this expendable number left his family of five

And all that man wanted was to provide
A better existence for his kids and wife
An investment that cost him his life
A family of ethics has...

A fatality of war can't be noble enough
To justify the loss of life so young
Continental security Atonement aaah
There's no such thing
There was no hero in the end
Only letters of resent, remorse, regret
Bitter resent

And all those boys wanted was to be alive
A return of existence yet so many died
And those who returned were alone
With nothing awaiting at home

Again the headlines read
"A Noble Soldier Finds A Noble Ending"
They are the ones who can be done without
Expendable numbers forgotten no doubt
A family of ethics has died !

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