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Tell Mel Shawn to come in and lose The Game
Word, yo, one life to live
It's on your head
Just like my daughters
That's my word!
Polka dot
Shine just apostle
Yo, my whole body like a spoiler kid, draped in the latest hits
Both hands, two glass cutters, cops'll alter this
Cream of Wheat steez pushed back, we in a spaceship
like the Jetsons, ashtray slide refreshments
Automatic bubble yo, straight off the Benz
Dac double Daniel unrockable fam milk the same yo
Fuck you, Duel of the Iron, Tony win a Oscar
Legendary rah, wicked Phantom of the Opera
Blow fish the movie's over, die with a slow kiss
Tongue kiss the neck and it's, mucus from a locust
Stand on fly, Mel-a-chi is on standby
The white Puma's go with the X I multiply yo
Word on block is that half the King Killer Beez
rap's under seige, Guyanese guns
I got European funds, my ice don't melt
Shaolin is felt, mathematics is my rod
and my staff, I pray like this
I break mics in half, shit realism
Fuck Moet and baguettes, that get paid off
or get laid off, I spray New York
I'm an angel, at war with the rappers
Good black women sleep over at Cappa's
I fall into it, Mr. September
Rock my long FUBU shirt in the winter
I respect my kind, plus pack a nine
Daytime outfit superb outlet
Staten Isle in effect, y'all in the manor
If you can feel Don down it Atlanta
I'm a poet, my work is never done
Law of Park Hill, my mic is stage one
Fifty-five tribes, in Psalms 30
Caution, sometimes my thoughts get dirty
Somethin precise, hold back the pressure
My unit too nice, you only got one life
to live, think twice
(Think twice think twice twice twice twice)
Yo, aiyyo we swingle, make moves, PJ out the window
Flamingo, Santa Domingo, let's Kringle
Bruce Wayne diggin graveyard rocks and swingin
multimillions, rap pavillion stay G'in
This year, we throw darts in the air
To let y'all know this shit is severe
Ohhhhhhh Donnn-na, Ohhhhhhh Donnn-na
Dove nice Mary Jane bitches Bud Light
Co-production I spoke to Christ, shoes were light
Statueheads all up in my lab like mad
Empty bags are lyin in the yard, welfare
Dead weight yo, cables that clamp around the neck
Sucrets fast Corvettes, tecs on my rest
Sabotage, rap motor large, Mickey caught a charge
Credit card scam, when he couldn't rock the Wu skull
Fuck yeah, televise the shit on Fox
Big Ghost'll grab the jim and un-fasten your box'
You're allergic to the fungus on Earth, Killer Bee
Headquarters is work, Khadafi body in his turf
Yo, shame on, all y'all niggaz on some Baywatch shit
Soundin like me, suckin my dick
Pretty Tone, long live the great Cappadon
... as I get it on
I'ma take time to wait for y'all niggaz to stop
It ain't enough room for y'all cats to sound chop
In a class by myself I hold the foundation
Face to face, I make my affiliation
short and brief, I make out with the looseleaf
In the struggle, ten years after the beef
I choose to come forth then pronounce my sin
if it's not the felonies or the color of my skin
I'ma keep switchin my gear, again and again
From the trainin camp I drive past V.I.N.
It be Wu-Wear for life, my team is top billin
More sacrifices, create better livin
My darts came to save the world like Blue Ribbon
Protect seeds, and protect black women
Raised in the Pillage right now we just driftin
Ferry boat niggaz make a whole lotta difference
Drama, if you slackin up in the business
Godly from the Group Home always got biscuits
Ohhhhhhh, Donnn-na (repeat 4X)

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