On A Ladder Leading Nowhere Lyrics & Chords By Absofacto

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My teeth are chattering.
No speck of oxygen in my lung.
The air is thin.
Around me is all infinity.
They circle the ground and stare at the sky for my fall.
No one else was dumb enough to climb it at all.
I follow the smoke, dropping crumbs as a joke
but they're not really a joke
Does it matter?
Does it matter at all?
They only built the start...
forgot the counterpart, there's no end.
Too late to turn around...
I'd never reach the ground
May as well keep pulling rungs
and follow lines past the sun,
on to other stars,
and maybe I'll pass through one.
Till the day will come when I can't move a thumb,
following the trail of crumbs.
Does it matter?
Does it matter at all?

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