Our Apartment Is Always Empty Lyrics & Chords By Blacklisted

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You let me sleep on your couch and your floor even in your bed window side
You let me have the corner in your closet a place where my boxed up life could
In return I showed you how life was like a painting
One so violent and depressing you just closed your eyes
When you saw me disintegrating
You’d stand by and just watch me vaporize as the world fell in love with me
You fell out or so it seemed
Change your sheets to rid yourself of me
Because its been weeks and you still speak in your sleep
Remember when you brought home that picture of your dad
Hung it on the wall as a reminder of what it is to be a man
Well, I was lying when I said I didn’t know where it went
I tore it up laughing and Id do it again
Because before I met you I had just that chance
I could have been a loving father, but at the time I couldn’t bother
And since then to be honest things haven't gotten any better
You and I live as strangers, you’re always writing others letters
As the world fell in love with me you fell out or so it seemed
Change your sheets to rid yourself of me
Because its been weeks and you still speak in your sleep
I’ve thrown myself to the floor like a children’s doll
Feeling so so volatile
Why wouldn’t you talk to me when I tried
Hid yourself behind a do not resuscitate sign
Leaving me to decide
Whether you fell in love with a girl or a guy
Or did you get lost inside the world you hid from me all this time
Letting me know exactly what was yours and never mine
Still, Ill harvest the blame
To me its all the same
The guilty have no shame
Jokingly said you’d burn all that was mine in your place
With serious written all over your face
So I sleep in my cloths just in case
I feel the flames touch my face I cam make my escape with grace

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