Paradise Down South Lyrics & Chords By Ostara

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Under the wakeful moon, Fire fleeing for all the stars are burnt. Dance to the Sun. And on a pliable field, You'll crop well if he won't infere. We'll dance to the Sun. more

In the garden by the wall Something moved and someone called Why is it hollow beneath the stones? Why is Mother crying, on her own? An english garden in the rain more

God will let me torn, torn to pieces by his faithful dogs He will raise my will to the ground my bones are mud Where you will curve The severe sing of your command more

We burn your flesh We burn your soul We gaze up into the God's new whole And, what do you think We should find there? But, grace and favour And, beware! Let the more

Winter's come Grey shrouds the sun Grey shrouds the sun Winter has come Grey shrouds the sun And summer is gone Cold wind Let me hear you whine White world You are more

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