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You can't trust a bitch
You can't trust a bitch
I'm always on your mind
Let that ho know, let that ho know
When you think about me, you be paranoid, all the time
I'm always on your mind
Let that ho know, let that ho know
When you think about me, you be paranoid, all the time
Let that bitch know let that bitch know
I'm always in your head
Let that ho know, let that ho know
Tossing and turning, can't go to bed
Let that bitch know, let that bitch know
Let me get the fuck out this place
Niggas and hoes all in my face
Left the home like '98 mace
Back to court, cause I caught me a case
Bullshit that I seen everyday
At the bar, gotta get me a chase
She a star, you can see it in her face
In my car, cause she got hella taste
Legs soft with the Coke bottle waist
Stock go hard, like an 808 bass
Time is like a high nigga eating cake
It go by fast, like the way to Ricky Lake
Cuban links, I keep two on floss
Dark in my soul, like?
Get lost, I'm calling my phone
Do me a favor, just leave me alone
Yeah I'm young but wise, I'm not dumb
You gotta be wise in the state I came from
Not from the slums but I'm from the southside
Of F.L.A., where the old G's reside
Let me wipe the tears from my eyes
Its been two years since my nigga Jitt died
If I cry then you should know why
All that pain, I can't hold inside
Johnny Cage, trust this
Compatible with girls with long hair
Don't care, what you say
The lies you create, everyday
By the way, rest in peace Jam Master J
Uh, I'm insecure but I can't help that
Talking bout I'm tripping but I'm not, niggas going back
Little itty bitty body, you a hottie
So don't get mad when I snap for a hobby
In the lobby checking in, stepping in
Who do I see? My ex-woman with the next man
Think a nigga gon' hurt when I see, fool?
Bet she hurting right now cause my boo
Look way, way better than my last bitch
Baby who is she? Baby girl, she my last bitch
Aston Martin, let me buy this
Never had a whip, but I wanna drive this
Drive this, Alize sizzurp mix
As I play Blackland, black lipstick
Deep thought from the sound got your body lit
You paranoid now, let me kiss the kitty clit

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